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Most news apps are complicated, long-winded, and filled with advertisements. We make it super simple by summarizing every news article in just 3 simple sentences, allowing you to read news up to 8X faster. No annoying ads.

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Less is more. Designed to be super simple while saving you lots of time.

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Simply download the app and start reading. SendStory automatically learns and curates both local and international news that's most relevant to you.

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We use powerful machine learning algorithms to give you a simple summary of articles to save you time glancing through them.

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We make sharing news super simple and fun. Tap and easily share your favorite stories, beautifully designed, to WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, and more.

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Too busy to read everything? We've a specially curated "Today" tab that summarizes everything happening today into one simple page.

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SendStory makes reading the news super fast, short, and sweet by summarizing every story into 3 sentences. Our mission is to create an informed generation of people by making news extremely easy to read, while saving your precious time staying informed.

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