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Malaysia's GE15 Results and News.

Stay updated with Malaysia's 15th General Elections (GE15) polling results and news in one single app. We summarize everything in 3 simple sentences.

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Ensuring every Malaysian stays informed about the outcome of GE15.

Voting Results

SendStory has a dedicated page to keep everyone updated on the latest GE15 voting results. In a simple glance, you will know who is leading, and the polling progress.

Breaking News

With SendStory, we ensure everyone is updated with the latest GE15 news. Not only do we curate news from mulitple news outlets, all updates are real-time and summarized in 3 simple sentences.

Important Notifications

We'll keep you updated with all the important events that take place during the elections by sending you timely notifications, directly on your phone.

Fun Sharing

Talk about GE15 in a fun and viral way. In a tap, you can easily share Facebook/Instagram stickers or links to the most important news stories.

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