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Democrats’ dilemma: How to get Jan. 6 recommendations through Congress

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Democrats’ dilemma: How to get Jan. 6 recommendations through Congress

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House Democratic leaders will face heavy political pressure — and a tight time crunch — to vote this year on election reform recommendations soon to arrive from lawmakers investigating last year's attack on the U.S.Capitol.The Jan.6 select committee is charged with proposing improvements to the nation’s election system in an effort to reinforce the...

Still, passing the reforms through the House would also provide Democrats with ammunition to criticize Republicans for opposing efforts to bolster democratic institutions, even after the threat of Jan.6, 2021.

Congress is already moving on one piece of the reform effort, the Electoral Count Act, which increases the lawmaker threshold needed to challenge state election results and clarifies that the vice president's role in formalizing those results is merely ceremonial.

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