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Despite al-Zawahiri strike, US officials are concerned about tracking terrorism threats in Afghanistan

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Despite al-Zawahiri strike, US officials are concerned about tracking terrorism threats in Afghanistan

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Shortly before the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Defense Department created a task force responsible for handling counterterrorism strikes inside the country after American troops had left -- a so-called "over the horizon" strategy that officials promised would keep Afghanistan from once again becoming a safe haven for terror groups like al Qaeda and ISIS to flourish.

Others assess that it's more likely that the Taliban -- consumed with trying to legitimize its government amid a financial implosion and an ongoing conflict with ISIS-K -- simply may not have the bandwidth to prevent Afghanistan from being used by al Qaeda or its affiliates to plan attacks on the United States.

The intelligence community in its annual threat assessment released this year rates the threat from al Qaeda affiliates in Yemen, Somalia and West Africa as a greater risk to US interests abroad than its weakened leadership in Afghanistan.

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